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2010 Division Tournament Rules and Format

- May 15, 2019

The 2010 Division has eight teams competing in the BC Mayhem.

Every parent is responsible for filling out the waiver form sent out by email. If waivers have not been filled out the player will not appear on the roster, that player can not step on to the ice. 

Each team will play a four game round robin against four other teams in the 2010 division. Following Round Robin play the teams will be ranked 1st to 8th place. The 1st place team and second place teams will advance to the Championship Game. The top four teams will advance to the medal rounds. The two winning teams will advance to the Championship Game and the two losing teams will play in the Bronze Game. Teams ranked 5th to 8th will play a single consolation game. Consolation games will be finished Sunday night. The Championship Game and Bronze game will be played on Monday.

Every parent is responsible for filling out the waiver form sent out by email. If waivers have not been filled out the player will not appear on the roster, that player can not step on to the ice.

Tournament Rules for 2010 Division.

Game Length: Each game will be 3 - 15 minute stop time periods with the following adjustments, if necessary:

a) The total elapsed time cannot exceed 75 minutes per game. The tournament reserves the right to make adjustments to accommodate for delays in schedules.

b) The time established for the third period will be determined by dividing the remaining time available by 2. This decision can only be made by a tournament official.

Tournament Rules: Follow the current BC Hockey/ PCAHA Rulebooks

Protests: No protests will be accepted. Referees Decisions are final.

Player Eligibility: 1. No player from Pacific Spring Showcase can participate in their age group of BC Mayhem. 2. Players must have played in 2 of 3 Round Robin games to qualify for the playoffs. We believe that both of these rules will help improve the AA calibre that the tournament is advertising and trying to deliver. If a team has an eligible player on the ice they will forfeit they will be given a loss for that game and the opposing team will be awarded a win.

Standings After Round Robin - If 2 Teams are tied in the standings the following tie-break steps will be taken in this order (if 3 or more teams are tied then same Criteria is used):

1) Head to Head record

2) Team with the greatest number of wins

3) Team with fewest goals against

4) Team with fewest penalty minutes

5) Team with greatest goals for

6) Coin Toss

Overtime: No overtime in Round Robin Play - Playoffs - There will be a 5-minute, run time (final minute is stop time) 3-on-3 sudden death period to determine the winner. The team will remain in the same ends of the ice as the third period. If no winner is decided during the overtime, a 3-man shoot-out will decide the game. If still tied after the first 3, there will be a sudden death shoot-out. Each team must use every player on the bench before allowing the first shooter to go again. Players will shoot alternately at each end until the match is decided.

Recording Game Scores: All game scores are recorded and posted on the tournament website. If the game score differential is greater than 6 goals it will only be posted as a 6 goal difference. This means 6-0, 7-1, etc in the event of a greater than 6 goal victory. If a team wins a game by more than 6 goals it won't be recorded as the winning score instead as a win with a maximum difference of 6 goals.

Mercy Rule: If there is a five-goal differential going into the third period then game play will be switched to a running clock. If the differential drops to less then 5 goals stop time will resume. The losing team can elect to run the clock in the second period if they notify the official.

Tournament Points: Two points will be allocated to the winning team, one point for a tie and zero to the losing team.

Body Checking: There is NO Body contact in the BC Mayhem Tournament.

COACH EJECTION: Any coach that is ejected from a game will serve an additional 1 game suspension following that game. There is zero tolerance towards a coach being abusive to officials or players on the other team.

Championship Finals: Each game will be 3 -15 minute stop time periods.

Time Outs: There are no Time-Outs in Round Robin Play. Each team has one time out per game in playoff games.

Important Information For Team Managers

Dates: May 17 through May 20th (Friday – Monday) 2019

Tournament Location: Planet Ice Coquitlam - 2300 Rocket Way, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6Z2

Registration Check In: All teams are to register 1 hour prior to the start of their first game. Your team manager can pick up the team coaching bag, team hats and verify your team roster at the tournament information desk. Score-sheets can be filled out at the tournament table before each game. You should verify your roster is correct before each and every game.

Dressing Room Cleanliness: Your team is representing both your spring hockey program as well as being a part of our BC Mayhem tournament. Please be sure to leave the dressing clean with all tape, water bottles, etc in the garbage cans or recycling bins.

Thank You.